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Jewel Swim Gem head, 2 pack

Price: From $4.40 to $4.85

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Featuring a unique swimbait head design, which securely locks soft plastics in place and distributes weight perfectly, the Jewel Swim Gem Jig Head eliminates the most common problems associated with rigging and fishing soft swimbaits. Its unique boomerang-shaped head provides a realistic, streamlined, baitfish appearance, while perfect weight distribution under the nose keeps the bait upright and prevents rolling. Ideal for burning, slow rolling or bed fishing, the Jewel Baits Swim Gem Jig Head is available in Chrome or Shad colors.

Features include:
  • Computer designed and precision cast
  • Black nickel Mustad Ultra Point Hook for solid hook sets
  • J-Lock bait-keeper system for securing your soft plastics. Ideal for burning, slow rolling or bed fishing
  • Available in Chrome or Shad color

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